Psycho-Physical Therapy

Explorations in Somatic Psychotherapy

About Bill Bowen


BILL BOWEN, MFA, LMT, is the founder and director of Psycho-Physical Therapy.

This unique therapeutic method has evolved from his 35 years of experience working with the creative process, body therapy, somatic psychology and spirituality. The active integration of the physical and psychological has been the continuing focus of his work. He believes that the fragmentation of body, mind, and spirit, which is common in our contemporary culture, is at the root of much of the trauma and suffering we see in our clients. Central to this work is the exploration of the mind/body interface and the establishment of centering presence. He works with clients to help them re-establish optimal psycho-physical resources necessary to live peaceful and integrated lives.

Bill Bowen is a somatic based therapist in private practice in Portland, Oregon. He is trained in Rolfing and Rolfing Movement work, Hakomi Body Centered Psychotherapy, Bodynamic Analysis, Somatic Experiencing, Biovalent Manual Therapy and numerous other somatic and psychological disciplines. He has trained in somatic approaches to psychotherapy with Ron Kurtz, Peter Levine, Lisbeth Marcher and others. He has trained in manual therapy with Dr. Alain Gehin in biomechanics, connective tissue work, visceral and cranial work as well as the manual therapy method of Frank Lowen. He has been a trainer in the Hakomi method and was a co-founder, with Pat Ogden, of the Hakomi Integrative Somatics. He was a founding member of the Northwest Coalition of Body-Psychotherapy. Bill has taught at colleges in both Europe and the United States and is currently on the faculty of the Somatic Psychology program at JFK University. He has been on the faculty of the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute and the Esalen Institute. Bill teaches professional level
trainings in somatic psychotherapy in Berkeley, California through the Psycho-Physical Therapy Institute.