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“Somatic Resourcing: Psychotherapy Through the Body”

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Authored by
Bill Bowen, the founder of Psycho-Physical Therapy

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OVERVIEW: This PPT publication is a clinically useful manual about resourced based psychotherapy and the use of somatic resources as valuable tools for psycho-emotional transformation. Resourcing is central to the process of Psycho-Physical Therapy. Resources support our ability to deal effectively with the variable situations that life presents to us. They help us find and maintain a sense of inner strength, flexibility, balance, integrity, insight, and creativity. We draw upon these resources for support in times of need. Wounding occurs when resources are not strong enough to help a person sustain an internal sense of well-being or physical integrity in the face of insults and injuries. Somatic resources are the anatomical and physiological qualities and functions that support a physically felt experience of self, competency, and well-being.

The included material covers concepts and approaches that are important to understand in the assessment, creation, and integration of somatic resources as a central part of the somatic psychotherapeutic process. The publication is 67 pages in length.

Copyright © 2009 by Bill Bowen

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Somatic Resource Based Psychotherapy
  • Psycho-Physical Therapy
  • Why Include the Body in Psychotherapy?
  • Whole
  • The Context of Wholeness
  • Awareness, Recognition, and Acceptance
  • Presence and Discovery
  • The Continuity of Body and Mind
  • Psycho-physical Reciprocity
  • Working at the Mind-Body Interface
  • Posture and Movement
  • Resources
  • Psycho-Physical Resourcing
  • Psycho-Physical Wounding and Somatic Resources
  • Building Somatic Resources
  • Exploring Biomechanical Based Somatic Resources
  • Psycho-Physical Functions
  • Assessing Psycho-Physical Functions
  • Psycho-Biomechanics
  • Primary Somatic Intentions of Somatic Resourcing
  • Primary Psycho-Emotional Intentions of Somatic Resourcing
  • Somatic Resource Themes
  • Psychological Resource Themes
  • Body Segments
  • Core Organization
  • Core and Periphery
  • Psycho-Physical Core Experience
  • Resourcing the Core and Periphery of The Trunk
  • Body Cavities
  • Resourcing within the Body Cavities
  • Psycho-Physical Peripheral Experience
  • Resourcing the Periphery of the Body
  • Resourcing the Lower Extremities
  • Resourcing the Upper Extremities
  • Stability and Mobility
  • Pathways of Stability and Mobility
  • Historical Processing and Resourcing
  • Pathology Model - Resourcing Model
  • Wounding, Healing, and Transformation
  • Review of General Somatic Resourcing Concepts